Thursday, December 2, 2010

Writing from the Heart

In recent months I have been moved by the plight of orphans with special needs around the world.  As a parent by adoption, and also as a parent of a child with Down syndrome, God has prompted me to use my own experiences as an opportunity to advocate for others. 

So this is where Isaiah comes in.  Isaiah is a little boy with Down syndrome living in Russia.  I know very little else about him, at least on paper. 

But this much I do know:
-- He is a child of God
-- He deserves a chance at life
-- Someone in this world may want to adopt him -- hopefully soon!

So my family and I have chosen this Christmas season to pray for Isaiah daily, and we are hoping that others will join us in prayer for Isaiah and so many other little ones who need a home.  We will also raise money for him, which will go directly to a fund for HIM and for the adoptive family who finds him (more on that later).

Will you join us?  Will you stop right now and pray for Isaiah?  He is four.  He is so cute. And he needs our prayers.


  1. Just said a prayer for sweet Isaiah, and added a small donation for the cause. May he settle into a happy, loving home soon! ~Lia

  2. OUr family will be praying for Isaiah and that your new blog will be used for God's good purposes in his and other orphans lives.
    love, the Adamsons