Monday, December 6, 2010

O is for Ornament!

First, I have amazing news to share. In addition to money given here, some person or persons have given directly to Reece's Rainbow in Isaiah's name. Thank you! He now has $250 in his Angel Tree fund!

Reece's Rainbow also is offering ornaments with a child's picture on them. I wish I were tech savvy enough to show you the cute one that is already on our tree! What a neat way to pray for a child each day!

Here's what you need to do: (this information is from the RR site)

-- Gifts of $35 or more are eligible for a photo ornament of your chosen child (but ANY amount is appreciated and adds up!).

-- For those sponsors desiring an ornament, $5 of your donation goes to Reece's Rainbow's Voice of Hope fund and the remainder will go to your child's grant fund. So if you donate $35, $5 will go to Voice of Hope and $30 will go to the grant. (The Voice of Hope fund covers administrative expenses such as Paypal fees, postage to mail the ornament, etc.)

-- If you do not want or need an ornament, please indicate that in your shopping cart or Paypal transaction, and the entire amount will go to the child's grant.

-- All payments must be received by midnight on Dec. 20 to receive an ornament. However, Isaiah's Angel Tree fund (and all others on RR) will be open through Dec. 31 for donations.

So if you want this cutie on your tree, get your donation in sooner than later! As always, your prayers are what Isaiah and other children need the most. Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes to the needs of children everywhere. May this knowledge make my heart -- and yours -- more open to your grace and your service. Amen.

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