Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time for the F-word ('s Fundraising)

When Kevin and I were preparing to adopt, there were many daunting aspects about the process: the paperwork, the waiting, and uncertainty. But a challenging aspect for many prospective parents, including ourselves at the time, is the expense involved in adoption. Depending on the country and agency, total adoption costs typically START at $20,000.

There are many families who WANT to adopt, but are stymied by the cost. That is where others can join in to help. We may not all be called to adopt, but we are called to do SOMETHING. One way to help is to donate to the cause of a child's adoption expenses, making the process easier for his or her prospective family.

Reece's Rainbow International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry helps families raise money to offset the cost of adoption. In the coming days, I'll write about different ways we can help orphans, including financial ways, and the rewards (both tangible and not) that come from giving.

But more than anything, I hope to convey that there are MANY things we can do to reach out to those around us and across the globe -- pray, give, help a friend, share a meal, encourage, listen, cry, and cheer.

So, yes, I'm fundraising for Isaiah. No question about it. Thank you to those who have given and prayed for him so far. Isaiah, I keep hoping and praying for you and little ones like you. God has a plan for you!

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  1. You are absolutely right, Gwen. You are doing an important thing.