Thursday, December 9, 2010

I-Pads and other fundraisers to help Orphans

While I am committed to supporting Isaiah and praying for his needs, I know there are SO many others out there who are in desperate need of a family. 

Three great families are raising money for orphans and have some great causes to which you can contribute!  

Julia (whose post on "Nothing" was featured yesterday) is raising money for Gavin, a young boy in Eastern Europe.  Go to to enter to win an I-Pad and help Gavin.

The Fillmore Family has committed to adopt Anya/Anna.  She is so beautiful!  They are raising funds with various auctions, including one for an I-Pad.  Go to to learn more and enter to win.

A sweet family which has just moved to my county has already adopted THREE precious children through Reece's Rainbow.  The girls began making bracelets to help bring home their sister, and now they are making bracelets  to help another family raise funds for their adoption.  I have ordered some for my girls' Christmas presents (shh!).  Visit

I would be happy to post about other fundraisers as I am able.  Thanks to all of you who are praying for Isaiah and the many other orphans in this world!

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