Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rockstar morning

Today was a fabulous morning.  It is SO important to celebrate good times, even seemingly little things, to share joy with each other.  Here's what made it great!

  • I got to sleep until 8:30.  Any mom of young kids knows this is huge.  For me, I've not been sleeping well lately due to allergies, and so I've been up a lot at night.  So getting some much-needed shut-eye was awesome.  Many thanks to my dear husband for herding kids and dog so I could rest!
  • Breakfast was to die for at Marty's Grill!  California omelet -- 3 egg whites, turkey, avacado, goat cheese, and fresh salsa.  Yum.  Girls had pancakes.  Henry ate threw toast.
Henry rockin' his bed head at Marty's Grill

  • We went to the Fisher's yard sale for VANYA.  Despite the drizzle, there were lots of people there.  Many neighbors and friends came out to support them. Praise God!  Kristin and Mat are great people, and I am thrilled for them as they hope to travel this summer.   
Fisher's Yard Sale at New Highland Baptist Church Pavilion

  • My girls found some great books and things at the yard sale. 
  • I got to meet ADEYE!!!  And all her precious kiddos.  Adeye is beautiful, inside and out, and her kids are so sweet. Adeye advocates for many orphans, and she helped bring Vanya's situation to light.  If Adeye's name is unfamiliar, then please check out her awesome blog  here. 
Adeye Salem and Kristin Fisher

  • Kevin fulfilled a dream that many a man has -- he is now the proud owner of a (to-be-delivered) John Deere.  Congratulations, honey!
I think the kids "drove" every vehicle on the lot.

Now I'm at home, hanging out with the dog and listening to Henry babble in his crib as he settles down for a nap.  I may not be a rockstar with a seemingly glamorous life.  But I'll take a pleasant morning and be very thankful!!  I have a rockin' Savior, and I am learning to celebrate joy where I find it.
Our new dog, Taylor, checks out the cows in a pasture near our house.


  1. Thank God for simple pleasures!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! So glad for you, my sweet friend. )