Friday, May 6, 2011

Myth of Supermom

I was graciously asked to write a guest blog for my sister in Christ, Cindy Shufflebarger.  Cindy has an amazing testimony, and I hope to feature her work here soon.

The post I wrote is about how many women try to be "SuperWoman" or "SuperMom."  I get caught up in this mythology sometimes, too.  So catch a glimpse of a day in my life -- a not-so-super-mom who is learning to laugh at my imperfections and celebrate Jesus' love. 

Check out my post at Cindy's blog here!!


  1. Amen, Gwen! The only way to truly pursue Jesus and his calling is to be able to let go of the nice-ities our society seems to demand.

  2. I read your article on Cindy's blog. Loved it!!!