Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Household Names

All praise and glory to God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.  For what we did not understand, what we could not comprehend, has been all for your glory.  Kirill is coming home. 

For those who wonder, who is Kirill?  Yes, he is, like many in our family, almost a household name, and so my apologies for using his name so freely.  He, along with Isaiah and Vilis, Mandy, Kareen, and so many others, have a place on my lips and that of my family. 

Kirill's story is HERE.  I've written about him before.  His family was denied the chance to adopt him time and again, but after prayer and perseverance and the power of God Almighty, this beautiful little boy with an extra chromosome is going to be in the US of A very soon!

And I praise God tonight for Kirill's story.  And for Kareen's.  Check out her link and see the beautiful hairdo's the orphanage workers have given her each day her parents visit -- she is obviously loved by them, and she is loved by her family.   And, this week also, the Hartmans have their Brady, whom they will name Judd Denis. 

All rescued.  All loved.  All who suffered immeasurably in waiting, as our fallen world crumbles around them.  Why must they have been put aside?  Why can't our world value difference?  Thank goodness their families have bared their souls and crossed oceans to defy the world -- to say, "Let the little children come" and "Here am I, send me."

I pray tonight for these families, and for so many others who have crossed oceans or highways or barriers, and also for those waiting to cross.  Be still and know that God is with you.  Be imitators of God.  Run the race toward the prize.  Your God is with you, and your God will not forsake you. 

And for those of us who are not adopting right now -- I challenge you (us), too.  Make these precious little ones part of your hearts.  Go to www.reecesrainbow.org  or a similar site and pick one or two or more children and pray for them every day.  Make them household names, the ones you pray for when you rise up and when you walk along the way.  Let your kids ask if they can have a party to raise money for Isaiah and Vilis, like my little Emma did recently (and yes, we hope to have a fundraiser party soon!). 

My heart is so touched tonight by watching God work.  Please, God, keep us humble.  Keep us focused on You and Your glory.  Let us revel in your goodness and pray through joy as well as adversity. 

To God, be the glory, great things He has done. 

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