Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Children's Words and Hearts

I can take no credit for the brief item I will describe in a moment.  It is all about God, who changes hearts, in this case starting with mine.  Because nearly three years ago I learned I was pregnant again (surprise at 38!!!) and months later learned that my special one had an extra chromosome.  Through this amazing little guy, our family has learned about kids with special needs and orphans and Reece's Rainbow and so many other things.

Such "things" led up to a quiet moment in church this morning as we were in line for communion.  Every now and then, instead of having kids off in a children's worship area, our church has families all gather together for prayer and communion with elders and pastors, each family at a time seeking prayer.  As we waited our turn, I asked little Emma, age 5, if she wanted the elders to pray for anything for her.

"Isaiah and Vilis," she whispered. 

My heart.  She could have prayed for a Barbie, for her upcoming birthday party,or even said nothing.  But she has learned, in her own little way, that she is not the sole person on Earth -- quite a feat, as most of us feel the universe should revolve around us at all times. 

Isaiah and Vilis.  We pray for them.  Emma also prays for Mandy, a little girl on RR who has fused fingers.

Moments later, it was our turn to approach the elders.  Henry, in true boy fashion, leaped for the wine/juice tray and grabbed it, promptly raining Welch's on the elder holding the tray.  Oops.  So, so sorry.

But he and the pastor took it in stride.  This is what kids do.  They make messes.  They are exuberant.  Let the little children come.

And let the little children pray.  Emma shared her prayer request -- Isaiah and Vilis.  They are on her mind -- and mine, and all of ours -- every day.  (As I have shared before, due to my history of postpartum depression, we cannot adopt in certain countries, and so we are praying and exploring what our role is to be for these particular boys and other orphans in the world). 

But what a blessing this morning to have my quiet little girl, the one who usually is off in her own, independent world, think of Isaiah and Vilis for whom to pray.  Thank you, God, for turning her heart toward those in need, and for helping us all see that prayer isn't about "gimme" .... but about so much more.
Emma and T21 brother Henry at Buddy Walk, Oct 2010 

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