Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vilis has a FAMILY!!!!

Edited on 3/27/2011:  I received word today that Vilis no longer has a family committed to his adoption.  I don't know the circumstances, just that Vilis is still in need of a loving family!  His grant today lists at $8430.  Hope someone will commit to him soon and bring him home!!!

When I first learned the awesome news, I began to squeal and run and holler for my husband.  He must have thought I had seen a mouse or something.

But no -- I saw something much better.  Vilis was here on the "My Family Found Me" portion of Reece's Rainbow.  We have been Reece's Rainbow Warriors for Vilis and Isaiah (both pictured in the sidebar at right) for weeks and months.  Thank you, God, for answered prayer. 

This is awesome!  Congratulations, little Vilis.  I look forward to reading about your new family and hearing about you. 

And while I rejoice fully for Vilis, still I pray for many others waiting.  For Isaiah, Jonah (about whom I'll write soon), Karina, Doug, Mandy, Tomas, Heath, Pauline, and so many others whose names are becoming written in my heart.

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  1. Thank you Gwen for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I so appreciate you and your family lifting us up in prayer. Hope you stop by again:)