Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Ministry Video and Prayer updates

Reece's Rainbow has come out with a beautiful new ministry video.  Please take two minutes, five minutes, or all twelve minutes and view it and pray for the many children in need!

Link to the video is HERE

Prayer updates and praises:
  • Please continue to be in prayer for the Davis family as they wait for their appeal to be processed for Kirill.  Tomorrow is a dedicated day of prayer and fasting for the Davis family and the two other families headed to the same region.  The Hook family is supposed to be in a hearing Thursday.  Click HERE for Julia's blog, which gives more information about these families and the day of prayer and fasting.
  • Praises!  I received a message from someone today who came to the blog for the first time.  She saw the blog in my signature in a post at Richmondmommies.com.  This great person won her company's NCAA pool and, after reading about Reece's Rainbow here, has donated her pool winnings to RR!!
  • There are several families in countries right now to adopt. I pray that they have positive visits with their children and that paperwork and other issues be handled smoothly and quickly.
  • Carrington, whose picture is on the sidebar, is doing better but still needs prayer.  She was immediately hospitalized when her parents brought her to the states.  Pray that her body heal and grow!
  • Pray for healing for some dear friends whose adoption in EE did not work out, and they returned home with empty arms.  Pray for their hearts to be filled with Jesus as they process their journey.
  • Pray for Lois' family, the Hogans, who are coping with her loss while still celebrating her short life. 
  • Praises for my own little T-21 cutie, who learned to sign "Jesus," "mama," and "dad" this week!
  • Pray for Isaiah and Vilis and many others to have a family!

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