Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time to Tweet!

I have never been on Twitter before.  Curious, but never went there.  Facebook is enough of a time-waster, I mean, interactive zone for me. 

But then I learned that I could help Reece's Rainbow just by agreeing to follow them on Twitter!!  Patricia Heaton (the actress) is donating $1 to Reece's Rainbow for every person who becomes a follower on the Reeces Rainbow Twitter page, up to $10,000 for 10,000 followers!   If you are a Twitter person, go here to follow along.  If you don't Twitter, would you consider signing up, just for this great cause?

From the Reece's Rainbow blog:

EMMY Award winning actress, Patricia Heaton, from ABC's "The Middle", after learning about Reece's Rainbow on twitter, has generously offered to donate $10,000 when we reach 10,000 twitter followers. What a blessing to our ministry she has been and in less than two days, @ReecesRainbow has already reached 3002 followers!

You can also tweet any of the children or families on the Reece's Rainbow website to help them to find their 'forever families'!

Please join in and if you aren't following @PatriciaHeaton, be sure you follow her, as well!

We are proud to welcome Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and many others who are also committed to raising awareness for our ministry and our orphaned children with Down syndrome and other special needs!

Thank you, Patricia, for all you are doing for our angels! And thank you to all of our @reecesrainbow followers!


Also:  Please remember to keep in prayer the Davis family (Kirill) and the Hook family (adopting Evan).  The Davis' are appealing a judge's denial of their adoption of a child w/DS, and the Hook family is facing the same judge in just a few hours to plead their case with her for their daughter.

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  1. Just signed up to follow both. Thanks for the tip!