Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank you!

Emma was so cute waiting for her procedure -- some of the nurses called her "Shirley Temple."

Thanks for all of your prayers for Emma.  She did so well yesterday!  We should know the results of her tests soon. 

One of Emma's prayer requests each day is for orphans to find families (sweet girl!).  As a favor to me and Emma, would you please be PRAYING for the many families trying desperately to raise the ransom to adopt children all over the world.  Every single one of these children need a family!

Adeye's blog has a great list and series of photos  HERE.   Would you be willing to pick a child (or three!) and pray for them and their families?  Many of them are in need of funds and have some great giveaways and raffles.  Let's all consider skipping our lattes today and sending in a few dollars to one of these precious waiting children. 

Thank you, and Emma thanks you, too!

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  1. YAY Emma!!!!! So Happy to hear she did so WELL!!!