Monday, February 14, 2011

Sick and....Grateful

We've been beset by illness at our house lately.  Stomach flu.  Ear infections.  Sinus infections.  Upper respiratory infections.  Walking pneumonia.  We would get well for a while, and then back to the sick bed.  The receptionist at the pediatrician's office knows us well, and even Kevin and I had to make trips to our doctors and Minute Clinic. 

So why would I say I am grateful for all of this illness?  Truth be told, it's not been fun. 

But the grateful part comes that....we can get the help we need.  We are blessed to have jobs (though mine is all of two hours a week).  We are blessed that my husband's job has good insurance.  We see good doctors and nurses.  We get the medicine we need, the same day it is prescribed. 

In too many places in this world, including in my own city, people don't have jobs.  Or health care.  Or access to doctors and medicines.  So if Isaiah or Vilis or some of the other orphans on this page were sick....would someone lovingly care for them?  Change their sheets each day when they are sick?  Call the doctor and get medicine?  What would it take for them to get the help they need?

So, yes, we've been sick.  And we are getting well...though Henry began to cough this afternoon.  But God, our Eternal Physician, gives us the healing we need -- the Truth that sets us free.


Please be in prayer for the following families:
- The Hogans, as they celebrate Lois' life and grieve her loss. Pray that God be with them as they cry and help them keep her memory alive in their hearts. 
- The Drozdowskis, who are currently in Ukraine to adopt and running into roadblocks.  Pray that God make his will clear and break down all barriers.
- Families trying to raise money to adopt right now.  There are so many to name, but God knows them and their needs.

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  1. Romans 12:12 -- Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

    The "patient in afflication" is the part that is easy to struggle with. Thanks for the perspective!