Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bystander's Perspective

This post has been making the rounds of Facebook today:

Today I may have actually learned something

It's about a man's perspective of a Starbucks employee who has Down syndrome, and how he realizes her everyday humanity.

I appreciate his honesty, because most people aren't that open.  But while I don't know all of his thoughts, I can relate to the idea that some people are uncomfortable around someone different from them.  I didn't have much experience with people with disabilities before Henry.  My eyes have been opened -- and softened -- to the myriad needs in the world around me, just because my youngest has an extra chromosome.

I hope he sees Amber again, and speaks with her just as he would any other employee.  And, to Amber, I look forward to Fridays, too!

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  1. Perhaps the writer/producer will consider further investigation into DS and might make a feature piece with Amber--wouldn't that be cool?

    Sad that he used 'oblivious'. I'm afraid he made a serious point about the nature of society....